Our Farm

Monterey, California

Lady Bug Farms

At Ladybug Farms we’re big fans of keeping things simple and looking back through history to guide our decision making. We keep production and growing a better crop each turn at the heart of our focus because it’s the recipe that’s worked for us for over half a century.

Decades ago the original flower growing families came from all over the US and the World to the California coastline for the year-round sunshine and cool coastal influence, making it the ideal climate for growing pretty much any type of annual or perennial flower crop.

Fast forward all these years and we never could’ve imagined that growing countless crops of Kalanchoes, Chrysanthemums, Poinsettias, Gerbera Daisies just to name a few, would be the perfect seasoning for cultivating cannabis at scale.

Over the years we’ve learned many lessons and experiences from all the peaks and valleys of the floral industry and couldn’t be more thankful and blessed to still be operating with a team whom some of which have been with us from generation to generation, it’s a loyal and supportive team and a strong customer base of brands and retailers that make our work so special.

From seed to Weed we’re fourth-generation farmers breeding, growing, processing, and packaging flower all on-site at our at our 1 million square foot greenhouse cultivation site.

When you buy Weed you’re supporting the culture of California cannabis at its roots. We pride ourselves on our partnership with Ladybug Farms and the unmatched care and quality for flower that we produce.

Quality flower, grown, processed and packaged on site.

Support legacy cannabis, buy Weed.